Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly

At Allied, we understand that 70% of the manufacturing costs of a product are determined by Design decisions. Production decisions account for the other 30%. Our trained Engineers collaborate with Customers’ Engineering teams to

  1. Reduce the number of components
  2. Develop modular design
  3. Standardize components across customer product lines
  4. Fail safe design compliance using functional and nonfunctional external features


We assemble machined and purchased components for Hydraulics, O&G, Power and Hi-Technology industries. Assembled components range from full 5” Check Valve for the Hydraulics industry to Components for the High Technology and Semiconductor industries. Leading the full life cycle of the part from sourcing raw materials from Mills to finished Hydraulic valves enables us to optimize efficiencies across the value chain on component design to assembly and pass the savings to our end customer.


Allied works with our in house, regional and national vendors for specific finishing processes ranging from Passivation, Plating, Heat Treatment, Thread lock patch to Precision Grinding. In all cases, Allied completes the final QC inspection post Finishing for compliance to specifications before final shipment to Customer.